5 Strangest Yet Useful Shaving Tools – Raw Shaving

For starters, let me throw a men’s shaving fun fact your way! It is believed that a man will shave at least 20,000 times in his entire life.

Quite a load, right? Well, I feel you! Shaving is such a task when you have to do it every day – be it for men or women. However, the world of women is a whole lot different and things come in handy with all the good stuff available to them.

Yes, I am talking about the abundant grooming and shaving supplies easily available for women. Thus, making their life easy!

When it comes to shaving, men often resolve to just one thing – the age-old razor. Or if you really like grooming up, you might also have a full-fledged shaving kit. And that’s it!

If that is your story, let me tell you something. Even for men there is a lot more to shaving than just the razor. And the good part is – they have their fun quotient too!

So, check out this list of the strangest, fun, yet useful shaving and grooming tools that men must have in their shaving kit! Let’s explore:

1) The GoateeSaver

Are you a goatee man? If yes, you’ve been saved from your daily struggles!

It is no longer required for you to stretch your arm muscles to arc and shape your goatee perfectly, saving the perfect amount of beard hair and shaving the rest.

Things are made quite easy for you by this amazing invention – the GoateeSaver.

Just fit this little thing inside your mouth so that your goatee is covered perfectly, adjust as per your requirement, and shave the beard around it. And Voila! You have got the perfect goatee!

Talk about the sharpness, symmetry, and fine edges of your goatee and you get it with this handy shaving template. So, grab your  GoateeSaver  if you want your goatee to be perfect and also don’t want to spend a lot of time on it!

2) EDGUP: The Neckline Shaving Template

The definition of a groomed man has a lot to do with his hair. The beard, mustaches, and the hair on his head pay a great role in whether to call a man well-groomed or not.

And if you’re into grooming, shaving, and trimming your hair rightly, you must be well-acquainted with the struggles of having a defined and neat hairline. That too, both at the front of your head and at the back of your neck.

Most people can help the front but what about the back? Can you reach there? Can you define your back hairline without the help of someone else? I would have said a big no to this but then I came across this amazing thing. The Neckline Shaving Template by EDGUP!

All you need to do is hold this template against the back of your head and shave along with its edge. And you’re done! That messy back hairline of yours will be all symmetrical and neat. You’re ready to impress everyone now with your grooming skills!

3) The Beard Bib

Does your bathroom look more like a barber’s shop after you’re done shaving? Well, I am pretty sure that it does and you’re not alone in this!

When you shave, your hair are bound to create a mess around your mirror. But that no longer needs to be the case. Shaving no longer needs to be that messy.

With the beard bib, you can shave your beard and mustaches without making a mess out of your bathroom. The utility of this product is very clear and has been smartly implemented. Just wear the bib around your neck and stick its loose ends to your mirror with the help of suction cups.

With the bib hung in front of you, you get to dump all your shaved hair in it, without spreading them on your sink or floor. After you’re done, just remove the bib carefully from the mirror and empty it in the bin!

That’s the secret to a clean shaving regimen that will make things a lot easy for you! So, grab your Beard Bib today and cut down on all the mess after shaving.

4) The Cut Buddy

Quite recently, a great deal of versatility and newness has been seen in the beard fashion. With the male celebrities flaunting those neat and sharp beard lines, men are getting a little too much inclined towards having that perfect beard.

Now, if you’re one of those men who shave at home, it is not only difficult but also quite time-consuming to get those sharp beard edges. And you never know whether the results will be all good or not! (A little mistake and things can ruin, you know?)

So, to save you from this, a genius came up with this brilliant product called The Cut Buddy!

Looking like a differently shaped ruler, The Cut Buddy is a shaving template that allows men to shave their beard and hairlines sharply and accurately. Just hold this little thing against your face or head and shave along with the edges. And there! You get the perfect celebrity-like beard and hairline.

It not only helps you define your beard and hairline perfectly but also helps you do that faster. So, bring your cut buddy, today and start experimenting with your beard!

5) Electric Back Shaver

If you’re one of those men who are exceptionally hairy, you might be spending a little more time in grooming yourself than the other men. Though there is nothing wrong with being hairy but staying well-groomed can really boost your self-confidence and help you leave good impressions on others.

Now, if you have a hairy back, do you keep it shaved? Does that require regular salon appointments?

Must be exhausting! So, here I am with a suggestion that can curb your pain – an Electric Back Shaver. This handy gadget is just like a regular razor but with a long and foldable extension so that you can easily reach every inch of your back – on your own.

Thus, there is no need for those salon appointments, no need to waste your time and money when you can shave your back perfectly and closely at home. Bring your electric back shaver home, today and see things getting easy and fun!

With all these gadgets available, if you’re still using the age-old methods for shaving and grooming, what are you even doing? Grab your pick from these strangest yet amazing tools or gadgets and start exploring the newer levels of grooming. It will be fun!

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