A Man’s Guide to Look Stylish – Raw Shaving

Being 40 or older doesn’t mean that you’re old. After all, age is just a number!

The way you take care of yourself and groom yourself is what makes a man stylish even in his 40s.

The trick here isn’t to spend a fortune on a thousand different grooming or wellness products, or to lock yourself in the bathroom for hours. Developing a daily routine of maintenance ensures you don’t let yourself down with unsightly hair or unpleasant appearance with an improper dress.

Three Things Every Man in His 40s Should Own

  • A French-Cuff Shirt (With Cufflinks)

Of course, French-cut shirts and cufflinks are great for formal occasions, but there is no harm for you in going out with a proper attire even on the casual day. French-cuffed shirts are exactly the same as any other shirt. The only thing that makes them different to other shirts is that it require cufflinks.

Usually most people prefer using jackets with the French–cuffed shirts but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Using a good blazer or a suit is most preferred for the perfect appearance. Personally, I prefer wearing it with a blazer. The sight of cufflinks appearing from the edge of the jacket makes me look amazing.

  • A Really Nice Hat

You need to buy a really nice hat, but this doesn’t mean you should have only one in the wardrobe.You can own several really nice hats if you want. The hats can be used to match with your coat or the blazer. In fact, if you’re putting a coat or a blazer, it is best to have something on your head as well.For a casual and trendy look, a softer wool cap like fisherman’s isn’t a terrible idea either. Using the handsome, shaped felt hat in a classic style is another great choice for the men to look stunning in their 40s.

  • A Watch

A watch is simply an amazing choice of bolstering any look. If you are looking for something to match with your trendy blazer as well as the casual hoodie, buying the one with a brown color leather strap would seem a great choice as it would match with almost everything you wear.

Along with making you look no less than those in their 20s, a watch by far is the most convenient way of checking the time. A quality watch with a versatile style that looks good with a few different outfits is a must have for every man’s wardrobe.

And guess what? It would also match with your pair of trendy brogues.

Some Grooming Tips for a Cleaner, Appealing Look

  • Learn To Shave Like a Pro

Using the highly advanced trimmers and shavers might seem lucrative and attractive, but nothing works better than a wet shave for the perfect appearance.

And believe me, women just love men with clean and wet shave. Learning the basics of using the double-edged safety razor delivers the best results.

Preparing your skin beforehand with a shave oil will help the safety razor cut the whisker easily. A shower can be a better way to enjoy a smoother shave. Soaking your safety razor in warm water will help your pores expand, making the shave more pleasant without any irritation. If you’re still not happy with DIY shaving, leave your precious face in the hands of the experts.

  • Sort Out Stray Hair

Big eyebrows aren’t a problem. There are many people who enjoy being famous despite giant eyebrows– see Clooney, Farrell et al. But if they are meeting in the middle, it’s time you get rid of them.

Pay special attention to the spot in the middle or the unwanted hair above or below your brows. Plucking them may be a time-consuming affair, you can simply ask your barber to tidy your brows up when you’re next in.

  • Become a Regular at Your Barbers

Make sure to book an appoint with the barber for roughly 4 weeks’ time, and make sure you stick to it.

Men are quite ignorant when it comes to haircut. And they want to wait for the forlorn tugging of their locks.

Believe me, if you have recently noticed that your hair need a cut, others probably have noticed it earlier to you. And having a regular place you trust will cut down on the “Oh my god” anxiety dramatically.

  • Find Suitable Hair Product & Signature Scent

Look for the best hair products and you’ll be bombarded with nearly thousands of products available online. And the confusion has increased since the Brylcreem your Granddad swore by.

So, make sure to get only the best suitable products according to your hair and skin type. For thinner hair, lighter products and sprays would be preferred but thicker and messier styles can be handled with pomades and waxes.

When buying an aftershave, keep in mind that you’re not buying a deo to eliminate odor. It isn’t supposed to be loud or obvious.

It should become a subtle part of your overall presence rather than encouraging people to stop in their tracks and notice. Typically woody, spicy, or herby scents suit the winter months while for summers and springs, citrusy scents work best.

  • Tackle Dark Circles

Dark circles may be due to many reasons like lack of sleep, stress, or dehydration. It is caused by a buildup, which enlarges the blood vessels just beneath the skin around the eye. Blood vessels under the eyes become more visible with age but there are ways for men to address this unsightly problem.

Try using an eye cream or roll-on into your morning routine to give your eyes a refreshing appearance. When applying the creams, massage your eye area with index finger.

Final Note

If you’re a father in your forties, there are some extra incentives for you to dress well and have a well-groomed appearance as your kid will notice when you’re the best-dressed dad in the room.

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