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The clean-shaven look has always been superior, ever since the days when Rat Pack celebrities like Frank Sinatra set the styles and trends. You only have to take a quick look in the spotlight to see that most famous people look better without their beard!

Fashions forever come and go, and personal preference will always reign supreme, but just for fun Raw Shaving have put together a quick list of celebrities who looked better without their beard.

(Please note, this blog is intended for entertainment purposes. We don’t actually care what you look like, and we are highly biased towards the clean shave!)

Brad Pitt – An actor that needs no introduction, he has pulled off about every look possible, including a little bit of scruff. His full-on beard look doesn’t do much for him, and makes him come off a bit goatish. Keep it clean shaved Brad.

Andrew Garfield – He played a decent role in Spiderman, we’ll give him that. But he doesn’t look great as a werewolf. Young in the face, it’s understandable that he went for a bit of facial hair, but we think he should be proud of his youth and keep it well trimmed.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Speaking of babyfaces, Leonardo Dicaprio wears his boyish looks like a true charmer. There’s no reason to grow a beard Leo, so keep a clean shave set in your routine and keep the ladies’ happy.

Daniel Craig – Getting to the business end of the table now, it’s Daniel Craig, AKA James Bond. You might remember him getting the shave of his life from Moneypenny  in Skyfall. In real life, Daniel Craig has been seen sporting stubble, as well as a pretty dire moustache. If I were him I would still be letting Moneypenny shave me.

Daniel Radcliffe – Best known for his role in Harry Potter, Radcliffe is another example of a babyface trying to grow a beard. The gruff just doesn’t suit him no matter how hard he tries. Embrace it Daniel… keep it shaved like the real men at Raw Shaving.

Zach Galifianakis – He’s been in dozens of films, including the comedy hit ‘Hangover’, and sometimes he plays a pretty funny bum role. His beard matches this persona, but Zach is the ultimate example of what a clean shave really can do… he looks truly dapper without his beard!

Raw Shaving are proud to reintroduce men to the world of One Blade shaving. Our luxury razor stands and safety razors are designed with artistic beauty and true functionality in mind. Is it time you changed your look with Raw Shaving?

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