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The Rat Pack were a group of talented men who sang, danced and partied together in the 1960s. They were especially known for their entertaining performances and collaborative appearances on the Las Vegas strip, as well as acting together in films such as the original Oceans 11.

Comprised of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davies Jr, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, along with public relations master Hunphrey Bogart, it’s fair to say that the Rat Pack were a force to be reckoned with. They were the original ‘in-crowd’, and they always dressed for success.

Since then the Rat Pack era has died down, along with the fashions that went with it. The modern dress styles of today seem more ‘Frat’ than ‘Rat’,

and the idea of the perfect gentleman seems very, very far away. That is, until now… Raw Shaving are going to help bring the Rat Pack look back into fashion!

It’s important to understand that each member of the Rat Pack had their own particular way of dressing. Individuality was key, and although the group of friends became collectively known for their sharkskin suits and slim ties, each had their own hallmark outfits and personal touches, from French cuffs to pleated fronts. As you seek to capture the Rat Pack gentleman’s look, remember to find your own style and expression.

The starting point for dressing like a Rat Pack gentleman lies in getting yourself a finely tailored fitted suit, preferably sharkskin or mohair to give a slight gleam that epitomized the fashion of the era. Compliment your suit with a fitted dress shirt and slim tie, either black or retro-design. Alternatively, wear an undone bow tie for a more casual look.

Pencil-thin trousers were another iconic fashion feature of the Rat Pack, most notably worn by Sammy Davies Jr. If you don’t have the right physique for that look, you can try straight-legged, well fitting slacks.

Next, get yourself a classic fedora hat, the ultimate sign of 1960s Rat Pack class. Remember, you must wear the hat and not let the hat wear you – choose a hat that suits you and that you can wear confidently. Don’t let yourself down on footwear. Finish off the outfit with decent shoes, handmade if possible.

No Rat Pack look is complete without a pocket square, a tiny bit of silky fabric which you fold and tuck into the pocket of your suit jacket. Perfect!

Members of the Rat Pack were not shy to a bit of grooming, and were known to get massages and pedicures. In fact,  and the group of friends would always turn up to their shows fully steamed and closely shaved.

Of course, it’s not always appropriate to wear a fully tailored suit to a casual social event, and so many people will prefer to save the Rat Pack for dinner parties and special occasions. You can also modernise the style and make it your own – for example, why not try out dark straight-leg denim jeans with a tuxedo shirt and collared jacket?

If you want to get the close shave of a true gentleman, you need Raw Shaving’s One Blade Safety Razors, designed for the modern man who still dresses for success.

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