Clear-Cut® Definitive Edition – Raw Shaving

Clear-Cut® Definitive Edition


Clear-Cut® Definitive Edition

The Clear-Cut® Definitive Edition Safety Razor is the answer to men who crave that elusive optimum shaving experience. It is an evolution beyond the age of indifference and mediocrity.
It is a leap into the future of shaving.

  • Specifications
    108 GRAMS (3.8 OUNCES)
  • Price
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Unlike bare-bone razors that offer no lubrication while shaving, the Clear-Cut® Definitive Edition Safety Razor has been purposely designed with dual-patent lubricating strips to elevate the shaving experience to levels you’ve never reached. Two strips located on either side of the blade reduce friction between the razor and skin while delivering the closest, most silky-smooth shave known to man. Best of all, the lubrication strips are replaceable, ensuring a consistent shaving experience every time.

Tired of tugging, pulling, or battling with your razor? Fed up with skin irritation, razor burn, nicks, and cuts?

Rethink your morning ritual with the world’s first and only dual-lubricating Clear-Cut® Definitive Edition Safety Razor.

* Each set of 4 lubricating strips will last an average of 3-4 months.

Rs - 18

Rs - 18

  • Features
    Easily replaceable dual patent lubricant strips
    316 stainless steel
    Sleek and ultra-modern style for discerning men
  • Benefits
    Easily replaceable lubricant strips
    Superior quality for lifetime use
    Patented Raw Shaving design
  • Handle Length
    3.58 in (91 mm)
  • Weight
    3.81 oz (108 gr)
  • material
  • Details
    Patented Design blade gap model "a": 0.65 mm (medium-aggressive)
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