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Safety Razor Stand


Safety Razor Stand

The RS-5 Safety Razor Stand provides an ultra-modern stylish centerpiece that eliminates the risk of cuts while adding sophistication wherever it is used. Simply put, it is the perfect stand for any man who seeks the ultimate in shaving functionality, beauty, and simplicity.

  • Specifications
    1.3 lbs (0.95 Kilo)
  • Price
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*Razor is sold separately

Its unique patent-pending cubic design is based on simplicity: a striking minimalist piece that stuns, captivates, and inspires, while remaining subtle and unobtrusive.

The stand is heavyweight and provides a sturdy holder for a single razor. The razor slides in easily from the side and is held with the handle pointing upward for safety and easy access.

The RS-5 is made using only the finest high-quality 316 stainless steel. It is precision engineered for pinpoint accuracy and hand polished to a stunning finish. The result is a mix of aesthetic beauty combined with ergonomic functionality — the perfect combination for the discriminating man who will only settle for the best and nothing less.

RS - 5

RS - 5

  • Features
    Heavy weight 316 stainless steel
    Single razor slides in from side
    Superior quality for lifetime use
    Simple yet striking style and exclusive design from Raw Shaving
  • Benefits
    Perfect complement for the Clear-Cut® Definitive Edition safety razor
    Unique design can hold razors from Raw Shaving and most other manufacturers
  • size
    2 x 2 x 1.6 in
    (50 x 50 x 40.7 mm)
  • Weight
    1.3 lbs (0.95 Kilo)
  • material
  • Details
    Patent Pending
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