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Do you know, women shave too? Well, no I am not talking about just their body hair but also about their facial hair! And yes, some women actually shave their faces.

If you still have doubts, you would love to listen to a beauty expert tell you the same!

According to the famous beauty blogger Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty, women are shaving their facial hair for centuries now. The practice is very popular in the Asian countries like Japan.

This is because the gorgeous beauties of the past like Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and Elizabeth Taylor, all shaved their facial hair.

The reason why women choose to shave their facial hair is because of the greatest benefits they get from it – younger-looking skin!

Therefore, this proves that regular shaving can be a big reason behind a younger and healthier skin in men.

Let’s explore this more in depth:

How Can Regular Shaving Help Your Skin Look and Feel Younger?

Most men shave every day just to get rid of the facial hair that they don’t want! That’s the basic reason behind shaving, right?

However, you must be unaware of all the additional things that shaving performs on your skin. Cleansing of the skin is one of the most important ones out of all these things. With the removal of hair from your face, shaving helps you get rid of the layer of dead cells too.

Thus, shaving helps you exfoliate your skin almost regularly.

Because of this reason, it is believed that men tend to have a younger-looking skin.

The Benefits of Shaving to Your Skin

1)  A Regular Exfoliation

As you shave, you are getting rid of your facial hair, dirt, dead cells, and all the deposits from your face. Thus, shaving is known to be a great form of exfoliation for the skin of your face.

Now, when you exfoliate your skin, you allow the blood to circulate well underneath your skin, breathing new life in your skin cells.

This helps in the formation of new skin cells as the dead ones are removed by the process of shaving. So, the health of your skin is assured and you get a healthier and much younger-looking skin by the process of shaving.

2)  A Regular Cleanse

Regular shaving, along with exfoliating your skin on a regular basis also results in a regular cleanse of your face. This has gotten even better with the availability of herbal and skin-safe shaving supplies like shaving creams, aftershaves, etc.

Thus, shaving is more of a regular cleanse for your face with all the removal of dead skin cells and a fight against bacteria and germs with the usage of things like aftershave. Shaving acts as a regular deep cleansing for your skin, thus, making it fresh and healthy in the longer run.

The usage of herbal and medicated shaving creams and aftershaves also helps in the reduction of skin troubles like acnes and skin infections, ensuring the good health and hygiene of your skin.

3)  Bright and Clear Complexion

Shaving everyday gives you a clearer and better complexion. Some men usually have a combination skin type and thus, it can be patchy or pigmented at places.

However, as shaving acts as a great exfoliation, it helps you get rid of the pigmentation and patchy areas on your face. The regular you shave, the more even your skin will be.

Again, this relates to the previous benefits mentioned – exfoliating and cleansing. With regular exfoliating and cleansing of the skin, your skin is bound to be bright and even, and in many cases – oil-free as well!

Does Shaving Really Make Your Skin Young?

Well, with all the benefits listed above, you can see that shaving really helps you get a better and healthier skin. However, no one and nothing can stop aging.

Aging is a phenomenon that occurs from the inside of the body with the hormones and chemicals of your body playing. Thus, all we can say is that shaving plays just 1% role in delaying the aging of your skin.

Through shaving, you can reverse the skin damage that occurs because of dirt, dust, and dead cells but you cannot reverse the actual aging process.

The Down Side of Shaving

We have talked about how shaving can help your skin look younger and healthier. However, there is a down side of shaving too.

On one hand as shaving provides healthier skin and anti-aging benefits, there are a number of drawbacks that it brings along with it, giving birth to a number of problems of shaving! Let’s explore:

  • Some men believe that shaving can cause their skin to get dark and thick. Now, this is completely against the benefit that we mentioned above about getting brighter and clearer skin through shaving.

REASON: The reason behind this drawback of shaving is the usage of low-quality shaving products. If your razors or shavers don’t give you the right shaving experience and result in constant skin irritation and rashes, you need to change them. Because if you don’t, your skin will damage slowly.

  • With the usage of shaving creams, shaving lotions, or cleansers that are soap or detergent-based, your skin might be prone to premature aging, instead.

REASON: The shaving products that are based on soap or detergent cause your skin to dry. Thus, your skin loses its natural oils and pH balance, making it prone to premature aging.

From all of this, we can infer one thing – shaving can be beneficial for your skin if you do shaving with the right shaving products. This includes the right safety razors, trimmers, shaving creams, lotions, and aftershaves.

So, it is neither a fact nor a myth that shaving causes the skin of men look younger and healthier. It all comes down to the type of products you use, type of shaving regimen you follow, type of shaving technique you use, and your skin type.

With everything in the note, you can use just the right shaving pattern with the right shaving tools and products for your skin to grow younger and healthier with every shave. So, invest in the right shaving products and invest your time well in shaving rightly to achieve a healthier and younger-looking skin!

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