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Do you know there are more than 75% of men in the whole world who shave their face every day? Every day! That’s a lot of shaving in a whole lifetime!

Shaving the facial hair on a regular basis is not news when it comes to men. For most of the men, it is a part of their morning routine. And that is where the problem starts!

What problem, you ask?

Well, before I tell you, ask yourself these questions? Do you know that shaving can cause damage to your skin? Do you make any extra efforts to protect your skin from these damages?

If your answer is yes – congratulations! You’re doing things right!

However, if you came up with a no, let me tell you that your skin has already been prone to a lot of damage. To reverse it and prevent it in the future, I am here with an advice.

Read further as I tell you more about protecting your skin from damages after shaving and how you can do this with just one product that might already be in your shaving kit – your aftershave!

What is an aftershave?

An aftershave is a lotion, balm, or a slash on liquid available in different fragrances. In most cases, it is considered just as a fragrance or cologne than men wear after they shave their face.

However, the actual utility of an aftershave is quite lesser known.

What actually is the aftershave for?

So, first off, let me begin with explaining why exactly you need an aftershave.

As the name suggests, the main purpose of an aftershave is to protect men’s skin from the damages that it is prone to, after shaving.

Just after you shave your face, you must have felt razor burns or rashes. That is a sign that the abrasion of sharp blades against your skin isn’t a good thing altogether. So, shaving does impact your skin in one way or the other.

The Aftermaths of Shaving

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that shaving is nothing but wiping your face off with a bunch of blades. And that is bound to bring some serious damage to your skin, if you do it carelessly and in a haste.

I have listed some of the aftermaths that your skin faces just after you’re done shaving:

  • Loss of the epidermis:

When you’re running sharp razor blades on your skin during shaving, you must know that it’s not just the hair that you’re losing from your face. With that, a layer of your dead skin is also lost. This means that the top layer of your skin – the epidermis – loses a very thin layer of it after you shave. Also, the natural oils of the skin are lost in this process.

The abrasion of the blades with the skin and the loss of a layer of epidermis cause skin irritation or razor burns. Not only this, but because of the abrasion and loss of epidermis, your skin is also highly exposed to germs and external harmful agents, making it prone to infections and impurities in your environment.

  • Open Pores:

The usage of warm water for shaving or the application of shaving creams on the face before you shave is usually for your facial hair to get soft. This allows men to shave easily and more closely. However, the warm water and shaving creams help by opening the pores of your facial skin and after you start shaving, the pores open even more.
Now, leaving your skin as it is can be an open invitation to skin damage, faster skin aging, ingrown hairs, and acnes. This is because if your skin pores are left open, they can easily trap, dust, dirt, bacteria, and other germs, making your skin prone to infections, acnes, and damage.

If you do not treat your skin well after you shave, you can now get the idea what you’re keeping it like. It is all vulnerable, sensitive, and disposed to the external damaging elements and you need to prevent it, anyhow! So, using an aftershave is highly recommended.

Benefits of an Aftershave

  • Aftershaves are composed of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, cucumber, witch hazel, and essential oils. This helps in soothing down the skin irritations after the shave, keeping the skin pure and healthy under the layer of the aftershave. The essential oils restore the lost natural oils of your skin.
  • The aftershaves are disinfectants and thus, help you stay away from the external damages and infections that your skin is prone to.
  • The fragrance added in the aftershaves (which is one of the most common reasons people buy them) help you smell good and leave a good impression.

If you do not treat your skin well after you shave, you can now get the idea what you’re keeping it like. It is all vulnerable, sensitive, and disposed to the external damaging elements and you need to prevent it, anyhow! So, using an aftershave is highly recommended.

Using an Aftershave

You can buy an aftershave in any form, be it a lotion, a gel, or a splash on liquid. The splash on liquids are most often used by men and are one of the most common types of aftershaves. Now, to use it, take the following points into consideration:

  • After you’re done shaving, thoroughly wash your face with water. Make sure there is no shaving cream or soap left on your face. Get rid of all the residues by washing your face with more and more water.

Tip: While you’re washing your face after shaving, you must use cold water. This not only helps you reduce the irritation or burning sensation on your face but it will also help you close the open pores.

  • Pat-dry your face with a soft towel. Make sure your face is all dried up as an aftershave works well on dry skin.

Tip: Never be too hard on your face with a towel as it leads to further abrasion, which will only add to the skin damage. Use a soft towel and dry your face very softly.

  • Apply a thin layer of aftershave, not too much. Just 3-4 drops are enough and if you’re trying it for the first time, 2-3 droplets will do for you!

So, now that you know a lot more about using an aftershave and its benefits, I bet you must be all psyched to buy a good one.

You can choose from a great variety of aftershaves as per your skin type, convenience, and budget. Select the best one and save your skin from any kind of damages that shaving might bring.

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