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Timing is Everything: Should You Shave in the Mornings or Before Bed?

When is the best time to shave? In the morning, so your shave can last all day or at night, so you have one last task to rush through before work? There are pros and cons to each and ultimately your lifestyle, schedule and the thickness and speed of which your beard grows back will factor into when you should shave. Keep these items in mind when deciding what the best time to shave for you is.

Early Morning Shaving Pros and Cons

Pro: Your shave will have a better chance of lasting through the day and staving off that 5 o’clock shadow. Shaving in the A.M. is beneficial for men with thicker or faster-growing beards.

Con: Shaving in the morning adds yet another task to your morning grooming ritual. Meaning you will either need to wake earlier to allow yourself the time needed to shave leisurely or rush through your shaving routine. Thus increasing the chances of nicks and razor burn.

Pro: You can shave after your morning shower when your skin is already warm and moist. The warm water from your shower will help open your pores and soften your facial hair. These factors will help make shaving easier and be beneficial to your skin.

Con: Any nicks or skin irritation won’t have time to heal before you head to work. You can mark this one as a pro in the shaving at night column. Shaving before you go to bed will give your face several hours to heal and signs of irritation to dissipate before heading into that big board meeting or introducing yourself to a potential new client.

Night Time Shaving Pros and Cons

Con: Of course, the sooner you shave, the sooner you will need to shave again. So, if you shave at night, your facial hair may be ready to pop back out sooner than you’d like.

Pro: Time is more likely on your side. Mornings can be a mad rush to get out the door and trying to fit in a nice close shave can be all but impossible. At night you can take the time needed to do the job right.

Con: While you may have more time to shave at night, you may not have the energy. After a long day, all you may often want to do is climb into bed and rest. Making the idea of shaving the least pleasant thought you had all day.

Shaving may not be your favorite grooming task but it is all too often a necessary one. Finding the right time to lather up can make a major difference to how pleasant this chore is for you. So, the real question is now, what time works best for you?

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